(Read description) How do I cope with not being able to talk to my boyfriend when I wasn't able to respond to him and not talk to him much today?

so I was having a good conversation with my long distance boyfriend (we're both 19) and so I had to leave for a meeting and I wasn't able to have time to read his reply till I got back 2 hours later. I saw his replies that said "alright baby, talk to me when you get back so I don't miss you :)" (he's going on a camping trip with his guy friends for the week) "I love you" so by the time I saw the messages and I said "I'm back" then I said back "I love you" to him but it showed that he was offline. at first I got a little sad due to pms (sorry if that's a tmi but I get really emotional at that time) and bad week as well so I did some work for 5 hours then checked back on my phone to see if he was online but he still wasn't and that's when I got sad and emotional and started crying. I'm not clingy we've once went without talking to each other for 3 days since we were both so busy that day. But 1 week is a whole lot different than 3 days, I'm also not the kind of person who would repetitively text their boyfriend when it won't help. So how do I go a week without crying and feeling bad about not talking to my boyfriend that much (30 minutes) before he left? I don't want to sit here all sad and mopey all week. Please no rude comments.

I've seen him before in person


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  • You have to make the conciliatory decision to have a good week. Plan to do fun things. Make it a goal to have a bunch of stuff to talk about when he gets back.


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  • Keep busy!
    That's all I can say.
    My SO and I speak every single day since the day we met and saw each other every single week at least and then I went to China for two weeks. It was horrible to me. And yes to some it's clingy but if we both like it then it's no problem.
    I missed him a lot, but I made sure I had a photo of us together I could look at occasionally, kept myself busy (wasn't hard given my program) and he just worked like the entire time and kept himself busy.

    Distractions are amazing. Pms is killer :P

  • You need to do something fun, and just pass the time, cooking, a new hobby, start a new workout routine and look hot af when he sees you next... etc.