Did I sleep with him too soon and is he worth trying to work it out after knowing me for 5 years?

I've been casual friends (talking on FB) with this guy for years, when I was n a relationship so was he so we never officially got together but he also only asked me out twice in the 2 years we''ve both been single. We have a lot in common, both artists, music creative, but sometimes he would say hurtful things to me and say it would be him being honest that most men wouldn't be honest they'd just blow me off. But he said he couldn't hv deep convos w. me that that's okay but it's annoying, or that I ask the same questions over and over, YEAH I do because it's not like we see each other too often, My mom said it's his a-hole way of trying to make something negative instead of just telling me he's not interested. He'd always call me beautiful and talk to me a lot and even recently last month he seemed more into me I don't know what changed or if I should worry... At first we talked a lot (before ANY physical contact) after we 1st madeout talked a lot but no "real date" I would ask him he'd get annoyed and say "guys dont like being forced into dating" i'm makin my expectations clear. I'd go to his house and he would just give me head and than i'd leave this happened maybe 3 times, than he complained saying I'm like a high schooler with him nervous (NO i don;t usually have casual sex!) I want a real relationship with him. we had a big fight once he apologized ( before we ever had sex) Now he's just a asshole, he told me after we had sex Thurs he once talked to my good friend they still be talkin if she hadn't gotten married that hurt me to the core, he said if we had a baby he'd be the one financially supporting it, he already has 2 daughters and a bm who he bought a house for that he lives in but say that they are not together like that anymore, I don't know I do really like him, and I still feel like something is there but would it really be any different if I'd waited for sex and should I just leave him alone, he dosen't talk to me much anymore inbetween our rendezvous which hurts.


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  • This whole relationship is a toxic mess that needs to be quickly aborted. It's not worth saving as their is nothing to save, just two people with some wackout chemistry that quickly fizzles.


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  • Hun for a start calling him an a hole when your forcing him into stuff is hypocritical. Secondly I'd be peeved you repeatedly asking the same questions too. He clearly isn't ready for anything which is blatant because of his reluctance for asking the date questions etc

    • wow that's your opinion, and I'm not trying to force him I said that.

    • Yeh it is. And you didn't, you said 'I'm making my expectation clear'