Change in behavior not sure what to do?

my boyfriend and I had somewhat of a fight, and it went really bad he said two nights ago that he had a bitter taste about me, we've been going out for about 10 months and this is one of the biggest fights, I told him i apologized for what happened and he said during the apologies that i wouldn't lose him, and he did say during the day before the apologies that he loved me and i was important to him. Today he said hey in the morning, and we chatted for a few and then nothing, i of course thought he needed space and didn't text him until he did, we chatted more and more but it was more of me talking than him. I kept asking him like how was your day, you good, did you hear about this, and he said to be honest i could care less... and he never responded, I mean could it just mean he just needs more time to be back to the way it was where we'd be all cutesy with eachother? or will it probably won't go back to the way it was? I did say love you after but he hasn't read it yet, and probably won't till the morning and just said a thumbs up...


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  • honestly he's not joking. If you want him back become more mature and prove your worth.


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  • It'll take time. Can't just suddenly forget everything