I've never been out and a guy has come up to me and said 'can I have your number?

I've never been out and a guy has come up to me and said 'can I have your number?' Do men actually do this? Or do men usually get to know a women first before getting her number?


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  • "A guy has come up to you and asked for your number"... yeah.. men do this XD
    I prefer to have a little chat first though


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  • They usually spend time with you for a while first, for example drinking and dancing if you're on a night out, then ask for your number as you're about to leave.

    One bloke did ask me for my number without talking to me first, we went on a date but he turned out to be a real weirdo.


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  • some guys do some guys dont, im not someone who will approach girls, because that ends in disaster. and so its not something im supposed to do, its the girls job to approach because girls are more accepted than guys, obviously

  • I used to do that every weekend... I'd approach a girl I found attractive, get talking, get her number and then arrange a later meet. Nowadays I no longer bother because I don't think it is a good use of my free time.


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