How to respond to this?

When I have been on dates with a guy and we text eventually he may ask what i'm up to or how was my night, etc but I was actually on a date with someone else I will usually tell them what the activity was (bowling, dinner, etc) or say I'm out with a friend. This guy I actually am really into I went on two dates with and a similar thing has happened and I'm going out with someone else to keep my options open. This time though he asked me right out "who i'm going bowling with, any worthy competition ;) " Is this an innuendo for him thinking i might be on a date with another man or it's completely innocent and the wink means nothing? Leading up to this there has been some mystery going on like where both of us don't answer all the questions in the message to be a bit mysterious which i know to be a good trick, but should i actually answer him this time and say just with a friend or leave the question hanging and answer other parts of the message that he sent. I want to leave it hanging to be mysterious but in someway i feel its manipulating him into liking me. I am slightly an insecure person and especially with him I guess because i like him so much. Note that he actually right out told me on our date that he usually only goes out with 1 girl at a time and sees where things go and if it works out and doesn't go out with multiple girls which I thought was interesting of him to tell me that since we only went on 2 dates so far. I thought he might be the player type because he is hot and very sociable guy. So should i answer his question this time or be mysterious?


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  • Yes, women use the word friend most guys think of a guy because the word is so ambiguous.
    You trying not to lie to while lying to him at the same time. Next time just lie or tell the truth that your exploring your options and you need to window shopping before you purchase.

    • so avoid responding to the question or just say "friend"?

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    • so are you saying to avoid that question and respond to the rest of the message?

    • Ok, I say tell him the truth. Because by you keep telling him your out with a friend your lying to him and this will hurt your relationship in the long term. He already assumes your out with a guy so just tell him that your out with one of your guy friends.

  • You should answer truthfully so he has the opportunity to walk right now. You say you really like him, yet your actions prove otherwise.

    • How are my actions proving otherwise? I'm seeing another guy to keep my options open in case he ends up not liking me or things don't work out. It's not like I'm not into him. I'm into him more actually than the guy i'm going out with for bowling!

    • and also when i asked him what he was up to for the day he avoided answering that part of the question so it's like he is being mysterious as well!

    • There's a big difference between being mysterious and being evasive/dishonest. What you're doing is the latter.

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  • No you don't have to tell him anything. The less the better, trust me. At least not until you know him better. But be nice and polite to him.

    • the guy below is saying i'm being evasive? I don't know now lol. What makes you say the less the better?

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    • I'm sorry that happened to you! is this the same kind of thing though? All I would say is "i'm going with a friend and then respond to some other stuff in text vs leaving out the part i'm seeing a friend to leave a little mystery?

    • Its hard to tell. The wink at the end of the question is there to make it look innocent and like its not a big deal but obviously it bothers him you're out having fun possibly with some other guy. Either he is very interested in you or he could be a little jealous or a lot. You should just be cheeky when responding, joke around without answering his question really. Keep him on his toes lol