Made a mistake with an ex. What do I do?

So one of my exes and i broke up a while back. We ended on good terms (neither of us were feeling it anymore) so when he came back into town earlier this week we decided to hang out. Well, long story short, things went well between us and we ended up having sex. Problem is he's leaving again later this week, and i'm pretty sure he doesn't actually have any feelings for me beyond lust. The sex was amazing and i think i might be into him again. I know it was a mistake but I don't know how to handle things now. What should i do?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Forget

  • Just wank it out of your system.

    • Lol maybe you guys can do that but its not that simple when feelings are involved

    • Well, it kinda helps. :P
      Physical attraction still involves emotional feelings, getting over that helps.

What Girls Said 1

  • Do nothing. Nothing at all. Don't make things more complicated than they already are. You know that he's not interested in you, so don't show him that you still like him. Stop contacting him, block his number and move on.

    • I can't just cut him of tho. We're friends, and i dont wanna just kick him out of my life. Its not his fault i caught feelings