He's moving really fast, should I be worried?

I met a guy about 2 weeks ago -- a week later we had our first official date, and then this past weekend we had 2 dates. He says he knows it's soon but he's already crazy about me. He also has a 5 year old son who I met this past weekend. When I questioned the appropriateness of meeting so soon his response was "I know that I like you, so I would rather him meet you upfront as opposed to three months from now because it would be more difficult if for some reason you two didn't mesh". He also told me after our date last night that he doesn't want to scare me away but he would love for me to be his girlfriend. I like him too but I find I'm keeping my guard up because I'm a little nervous about how quickly he has fallen; I'm worried he likes the "idea" of me as opposed to just really liking me. I don't want him to just be looking to fill with vacant position in the family, know what I mean? I did express this to him and he of course said that's not the case. Any thoughts?


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  • He got a son, this is the case. The reality is that he has way more worries than men have no kids. Thinking of if the girls they like would consider they are baggage, thinking if they would get along with the kids. My boyfriend got kids, I understand how do you feel by saying he is moving fast. I met his kids on the third date which was really fast and I didn't expect it. The thing is he is putting if you can get along with his son at the very first consideration. Don't worries I m not saying he is just looking for a mom, but it's normal for a single dad to make sure at least the girl won't dislike his son, it makes it way more difficult in the future. So if you feel like he is being desperate or he is moving too fast, talk to him, at the same time, tell him that you like his son, and everything is good, but you want to take it slow because you like the feeling of a slower pace in a relationship. :) good luck..


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  • Just communicate but if you feel okay there is absolutely nothing wrong with going very fast in my opinion, that's my style typically personally


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  • I think you should be going at your own speed no matter what you can tell him you can be and want to be exclusive however you want to go at your own pace because when you date him you're also dating his son and thats even more important to think of realistically.