How do you get over someone you want more than anything in your life?

I've been in and out with the love of my life for the past 4 years now. He took my virginity, he was my first kiss, the first boy showing interest in me, my very best friend, my soulmate. We never dated, only had our thing you know. But last summer we kinda followed different ways, we didn't speak about what we had but everytime I see him there's some tension we stay by "hi how are you?" and hug and that's all cause I can't even stare at him without me crying or he crying. I love him so much that it hurts. I feel like I will never get over him, and I'm also so tired you know of being stuck on something that has nothing more to offer cause we both want and need different things in life... What do I forget him?


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  • time is everything my friend, as the time goes life goes on too and we move on


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  • Sounds too familiar... And there is nothing that helps it. The pain will just be easier to live with after a while. And if you have luck and dont see him too often, that will help too. Also one good thing is to try talk about the feeling to someone. And if you feel like there is something you need to clear between you two, then talk to him! Do not leave anything hanging, it will just hurt more to think you never tried. Los of luck, and feel better. Learn to love yourself and do something you love to do.


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