Good idea to send flowers to let a girl know that I like her?

She is a coworker. We get along really well. But I don't see the "sparkles" yet. I'm not sure if she kinda knows that I like her. But, I don't want to waste my time and get caught on the Friendzone. So for me, if I'm gonna have a NO. I rather have that no from the beginning instead of wasting my time in vain. I don't want to have a YES now, I just want to let my intentions know from the beginning and be honest about it. I'm willing to wait to patiently, but with her knowing my real intentions. If the flowers are bad idea, do you have a tip for another way to send the "message outthere"?

Sorry for the typos. Dam cellphone!!


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  • She's your coworker. It's a bad idea.


What Guys Said 1

  • Flowers? where did you get that bad idea from? I see those as a guy attempting to ''buy'' affection and in your situation communicates that you see yourself as lower than her and have to impress.

    Really what you need to do is to build attraction, show her you aren't a friend but a lover, you are not to be seen as platonic. You flirt, tease, use innuendo and you make her see you as a sexual being.

    Having said all of that, it is generally unwise to get involved with co workers.