Girls, 25 virgin boy.. embarrassed and ashamed.. pls advise?

hi i am 25 year old virgin boy... i am feeling ashamed and embarrassed... actually i am from south Asian country but i got my master's degree from Canada.. i am not nerdy.. i am fun loving normal guy but due to living in a very conservative society.. i could not date girls and girls back home were kind of a turn off for me... i don't know if its a guilty feeling or shame or what but it feels as though its eating me up inside. i am so depressed because if i tell any girl i am virgin she would not want to date...(currently living in canada)... pls advise.. and pls don't laugh.. thanks


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  • I plan on staying a virgin till I get married which is around your age. I live in Canada and I don't think girls in Canada really care if your a virgin or not. It really doent matter. I would think it is actually cute and very smart of you for waiting for the right one to give your virginity to. If a girl makes fun of you for this then I'm pretty sure she's a f***** slut. I really respect you for keeping your virginity for this long. For some reason virginity really matters to me and is really important to me. Don't just give it away to anyone keep for as long as you need.

  • I wouldn't worry too much about it. I get that with guys being a virgin is something that people make fun of but honestly the right girl will come across who is ok with it.