Why would a guy unfriend you on all social media?

I was talking to this guy who was super into me and then we got in a small argument, and then the next week he was acting weird and barely responding and said he just didn't want to rush into anything, (i clarified already that I didn't either), and that he didn't want to butt heads again. Then he started not replying and we had planned a trip together and I had taken off of work and it was getting close so I kept messaging him and asking him what was going on up until the point where I was convinced he was just a fuck boy and I told him that. He responded with a long message about how we were unhealthy and I showed my true colors (when all I wanted was a response) and that he thought about it but didn't want to be with me romantically. I sent back a well thought out response explaining everything. He didn't respond. A week or so later I sent him a snapchat and asked how he was doing and he told me and talked to me casually on and off, watched all my stories, reblogged stuff from my tumblr, and then one day he just stopped. I texted him saying no hard feelings and thanking him because even though we didn't work out, he made me realize I needed to distance myself for good from my ex and stuff, no response, then I asked him if he could possibly come get the stuff he left and he said he would. Then he unfriended me on facebook and snapchat randomly; I saw him at a bar and he didn't acknowledge me but kept walking past me and making it really obvious he was there. What do I take from this?


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  • You're relationship is permanently over and cannot be salvaged and you will not be friends


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  • I think we should know what kind of argument it was and what kind of conversation you had.

    For example, if it was an argument where you said something which is against his ideology, or belief or some kind of thing he holds dear, he might think you're not the one due to these differences.

    OR if this is not the case,

    He was just another guy who was looking for fun and said "Bye I am getting the f*** out of this relationships before it even starts", then it means forget him, don't even spend a second thinking of him because apparently he is scared of serious things, and you would not want to waste your time I am sure.

    But think of the argument again. You may find clues why he behaves like that suddenly.

    • He was very sweet, always complimenting me and telling me how beautiful I was and how I was all he thought of; 6 months ago he got his heart broken.
      The argument: stemmed because he made a joke about killing himself, and it upset me to the point where I cried and I asked him to leave. Earlier that night I was upset because I watched all his shows and listened to his music but when I tried to get him to watch a movie I liked, he made fun of it. He said his ex use to say that it was a problem too.

    • I think he is not ready to commit another relationship as he still talks about his ex and the problems they had. And you would not want to date someone who tries to indoctrinate his opinion, but does not care when you have something like a movie to watch together, or do something you like together.

      Plus he does not seem he is healthy in heart and mind. Every joke has a truth hidden behind it. He says he wants to kill himself, it is bad even if it is a joke. Apparently he cannot heal from his last relationship and think of killing himself maybe because he is still in pain.

      I think it is good he does not talk to you anymore in this case. You deserve much better. You deserve someone who values your opinion, things you like etc. more than he does., and someone who likes to do even the worst things with you because it pleases you. You deserve someone who is happy just because you're happy. So I wish you good luck finding that person but just do not waste your time on this one.

    • Thank you so much <3


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  • I think you hit it on the head , he was nothing but a "feck " boy. And when you seemed to start putting pressure he bolted

  • The guy who was super into you is now super not into you. Most likely because the argument you had was extremely off-putting.

  • what as the argument about thats like the most important detail and you didn't give it. it mightve been small for you but maybe not for him.


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