First Date Idea?

I asked this guy out for this Sunday (July 3rd). He asked me what i wanted to do, to which i responded "Ill think of some ideas". Where i live there is this 4th of July festival with music, fireworks, food, and other booths on the July 3rd. Would this be a weird date idea? Side note he tore his acl 3 months ago so im trying to think of something that wouldn't be too strenuous on him. But i also dont want to do something like a dinner or movie. Im just nervous i guess. Is this a solid first date or do you have any other ideas?


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  • I think that's a great idea, go for it! It's a really cute first date.

  • i think the festival is a cool idea, but may be hard for him with all that walking, and crowd. I personally think a nice patio date would be nice! its summer and maybe you guys can have a drink or two?