Date a guy that will turn 18 soon while I am 15?

So we both like each other and all and I do know that for a fact because he has told me multiple times. One problem was just in the way, I am 15 while he's turning 18 at the endish of July. I told him we are not having sex only for that reason and he respected that and was okay with it. Please have an open mind about this because I am mature for my age.

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  • You can date him, but before having sex make sure you know the law where you live. An older teen can get in serious trouble having sex with someone much younger, even if it is completely consensual. At 15 you may not be able to consent to sex where you live. It differs country by country, and in the US and Canada it differs province by province.


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  • Absolutely not. You're not even old enough to be dating let alone dating an adult.


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  • I think that's ok. Yeah, as long as you two don't have sex, it should be perfectly fine. Not sure about you and him making out and doing other stuff is ok, but I think even then, it should be ok

  • Dating i fine but not for a relationship
    you can go kissing or whatever
    but at your age you can't even love yourself how are you suppose to love others?

  • Yeah you're mature. Besides regardless of what we say you're still gonna date him. Go for it


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