Should I be mad at him or let it go?

I don't know if I should be mad or just let it ago. My boyfriend of 7 months works two jobs. So there will be days where I don't talk to him which I have learn to deal with because he's a busy man. But I have realize that he has been log onto his Facebook since this morning. I thought okay don't worry since he probably didn't log out on his phone, so it says he still online. But I also realize he has added couple of people so he is online but he has not contact me. On Monday I morning he came over and I text later that as well. I do feel like some way because he's adding other people online and not texting me. I don't want make social media cause a issues when it comes to us but if that's a red flag I need to say something because it's not the first time he has done this. So I just need advice how to go back this.

like 12 minutes ago he added another person aka women its has been three women he has added on his Facebook and they are all in relationship it says on Facebook but it got be worry and now I want to confront him because it making me mad and I won't want to start argument.


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  • whatever you do don't overreact. It's just facebook. I have nearly no no male friends on facebook, but that doesn't mean i don't love my girlfriend. and sometimes i'm also on social media and write people and don't think about my girlfriend. beeing together doesn't mean you have to devote every second of your life to the other person. especially when you are stressen you need some time for your self or other things than relationship.


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  • Eh, I wouldn't overreact to it. If you don't think he's contacting you enough let him know, but honestly, if you tell a guy you notice when he's on Facebook, you're going to sound like a stalker.