I miss him TERRIBLY and he didn't accept me, help, what do I do?

I miss my crush who I met at work. We were never friends but he always was sweet to me, even flirted sometimes EVEN when I confessed my feeling and he said he didn't feel the same. I moved from my work. And I thought maybe we can keep in touch on social medias but he marked me as spam. I really want to talk to him sometimes. I can never be happy again. Is there anything I can tell him in a message, to make him understand? I really miss him.
FYI: we didn't talk for months aft he rejected me. But then, he started talking to me often.


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  • Sorry girl, tough love here. Get over it and move on. He's rejected you already. He's probably responding because he likes the attention from you and he's keeping you on a string for whenever he might decide one day that he want's something easy to get with.

    It was just a crush. You can be happy, someone else will make you happy, you just haven't met them yet. And it sounds like he didn't make you that happy either, he clearly didn't like you back the same way.

    • Thanks for MH, I hope you get over this quickly! He's not worth any more time or energy

    • Uw, I am trying to move on but off course time is needed.


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  • He is not interested. He told you respectfully. What more do you need to get the message? You don't have a choice, you MUST move on.

  • Im a man, il help. There are two reasons he could be talking. First, he wants to fuck you and because of the fact that you where hot for him and he didn't accept make you easy pussy. Or he might wanna be friends. I think its the first to be honest.


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