Does this girl still like me? pleas help?

Few months ago she was flirting with me, ie- looking at me, smiling, touching etc but I didn't make a move and now she has a boyfriend, but I really like her and I regret not having the balls to tell her how I felt. However I still notice her looking at me, smiling, (she must fancy me right if she keeps looking at me?) She called me babe, and offered me some of her food at work. I told her I had a interview and next time i saw her (4 days later) she asked me how the interview went. Thats got to mean something how she remembered about my interview right? she also put a sad face in text when I said I am leaving work and she said im very loveable and it won't be easy for her to see me leave work. I wrote a fb status about something serous and she wrote, what's wrong? on my wall, this shows she cares about me right? Do theese things sound like she still likes me? Also she keeps putting a Y on the end of my name (marky, instead of mark) like a cute little nick name. I told her i want to take her out and she said i have a boyfriend now with a sad face...


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  • She likes you, yea, but not enough. She still has a boyfriend and she's clearly not about to leave him because she'll reject you once it gets past flirting. She might just like the attention, and it sounds like she likes showing YOU attention, as I'm sure that she knows you like her. Remembering an interview doesn't mean anything though. Everything else is really flirty though, but I would let this one go. It's not worth your time because she's kinda just leaving you dangling.

    • Maybe she is a very loyal girl and she isn't gona leave her boyfriend cos I suddenly want her? Like she likes me but feels the guy she is with deserves a chance with her more than me? Im confident sometime in the future we will be together

    • I don't feel like that's the case because otherwise she wouldn't be so flirty with you.

  • obviously she choosing him over u since she likes him more. if she likes u shell brake up with him.

    • Or maybe its because he asked her out and I didnt? I can't expect her to just brake up with him cos i asked her now can i

    • well if i liked 2 guys and onr of them decides to ask me out then of course ill say yes even tho i low key still like the other one too. Now if i start liking the other guy more and im in a relationship ill brake up with my current boyfriend and give the other guy a try. The key here is for her to get her to like u more.

  • I don't think she likes you the way you want her to. I think she's just a friendly person


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