What do you think about dating more than one person?

I have a predicament, I like 2 different guys. It's pretty new with both of them but I could see something coming out of both. So at what point do you think I should stop seeing one?

One of them is going to a bachelor party out of town and asked me what I'm doing tonight. Should I tell him I have a "friend" coming over? The other guy is coming over tonight. I don't know how honest I should be


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  • Look at you hot stuff 😉 hahah I'm glad you went through with it. I was gonna text you how it went but forgot.

    The point where you decide one is better than the other. And see a possible future with him. You can use the friend excuse or just say I'm doing my own thing I need a night to myself.

    • Thanks for the MHO sweetheart 😊

      Hows it going with these two dudes?

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  • This is where I differ from majority of people.

    When I call it "dating" with someone, it's exclusive. I don't even like going on dates with more than one person at the same time.

    I'd say when you start having sex with one, it's time to choose.

    & Unless they ask, I wouldn't tell them because then they might get po'd.

    • I'm a virgin so that won't happen for awhile with either of them. Lol so you think I should hide when I'm hanging out with the other?

    • [ That shocked me. It's very impressive you've been able to stay a virgin for so long! ]

      Not tell them because *most* men don't like the idea of you being with someone else. Even if you two aren't 'serious' yet.

      If one asks you to be 'exclusive'. If you meet one of their families. Or if one introduces you as "girlfriend/girl" to friends or family.

      ^ When he starts showing it's getting serious, it'd be time to end it.

    • Okay that makes sense. And yeah I know. I'm sure they'll be shocked to hear it too. Lol it's always stressful telling that to someone you're dating


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  • I think it's both smart and stupid. What you really need to ask yourself is, "Does one of them have everything I want, or do I only like both of them because they both have two separate things that I want." If the answer is the latter, you're up shit creek. Neither them will ever be the complete package and you won't be able to keep dating both of them forever. Eventually they'll find out and you'll be single again. If the answer is the former, then pray you make up your mind before either one of them finds out, otherwise you're back to shit creek with no paddle.

  • Tell them both that you are dating two guys.

    The one that stays around is the one you want to get rid of.

    The one that left... well he left. But he was the one you shoulda stayed with.

  • Bang them both and stop being a gdi nerd lmao you're 22, It doesn't matter

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  • I think its OK to be dating, thats how you pick who you want a relationship with, however its wrong for them not to know that they aren't your only person you're seeing, its good to be open about it. Most likely you will make that decision on your own

    • Can you read my update? Just how open do you think I should be?

    • Well if you're gonna quote it then no, just say you're doing your own thing. I find it a bit awkward maybe, I think you should be honest in regards of when he talks about you and him you should not sound exclusive etc.

  • No, go on dates with both of them. You'll see which one you have more connection with and then you can decide.

  • I think we are allowed to date as many people as we like as long as we are not exclusive with any of them. I mean that's the whole point of dating! To keep dating and dating and dating until we find that one person that makes us not want anyone else.

  • Me = UPfront bisexual serial dater

    Dating & sex withOUT complications doesn't exist :P