Why does my fiance surprise me with gifts all the time?

Perfume, wine, clothes, etc. He always gives me stuff. Is this normal?


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  • Usually one of two things, 1 he feels insecure and intimidated by you, that you are better than he is and you could leave any time to date someone else, so he is constantly showering you with gifts to keep you on the hook. Or 2, he is lying and cheating douche and feels guilty and buys you nice things to try and make up for it.

    • I think he loves me. There is no way he's cheating. He isn't the type and we share cell phones, emails, labtops, etc etc. We are very open and honest with each other. I tell him all the time he is a diamond in the rough. Never met a guy as sweet, kind, successful, and that is such good husband/father material

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  • Well I usually gift chicks I wanna bone to brag and just stuff I wanna see em in baha

  • he loves you


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