Why is he acting like this?

I met this guy at my local store , he's very nice and he always ask me questions about me when he talks to me. I notice he always looks at me when I'm not looking and we have made eye contact. I have seen him look for me when he knows I'm in the store but he can't see me. He remembers things I have told him, he also he wants me to ask him for help instead of going to someone else.


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  • he could be confused


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  • He might like you but is too hesitant on asking you out

  • He probably likes you, there's not really any other reason why he would be so forward with a 25-year old woman in a store.

    • I don't have experience with guys I avoided all this because I want to live my life as fully possible before I star dating and I'm not done with school yet.

    • Well, it's time now. You're 25 and shouldn't let life pass by you (your life is probably "fuller" with romantic in it). You can study AND have a boyfriend, millions of people do that successfully.

    • I don't want any distractions yet. but thank you I love the way you wrote about this nicely unlike other people.

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