Is he still interested or no?

I went on 3 dates with a guy that in my mind have been great. The first date he kissed me at the end and I didn't exactly expect it. The second date he asked if I like cuddling so i said yes and we just cuddled in his car and then he kissed me and we made out a little bit. He later asked me what I want to do for our next date and I suggested a movie and he asked about coming near him and basically I would come back to his place later and I said I would let him know. I didn't want to actually go to his place and didn't how to react so I just said that. For our third date he never texted me asking me those same plans again but we talked about seeing the movie and I just asked him to pick me up at my house and things felt great to me as usual but what did feel off was the fact that he didn't kiss me on the date at all not even good night. We cuddled in the movie theater but later when he came back to my house we played some video games and he later said he should go because he has to wake up early in the morning. We didn't even hug goodbye. It was just weird but he did mention in the beginning of the date trying to figure out a date for the next time he would see me and the tickets got sold out for the movie we planned on seeing and he mentioned seeing it next time and he said that twice. He also mentioned something else we gotta do sometime that was on my bucket list. I don't know if this is just talk and is him being polite and is not interested now because we didn't kiss or he is still interested and is maybe taking things slow now because he wants to make sure i feel comfortable with him since I seemed to not want to go to his place? I know I have to wait and see if he texts me but it's driving me nuts waiting! Is it normal for a guy to kiss you on the first two dates and then back away from kissing on the third date?


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  • It is a little odd for him to back off so suddenly and act awkward, but it could also be the affects of him making sure you are comfortable like you said


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  • Maybe he's just taking things slow.
    However, that's still a little weird considering the fact that he kissed you on the first two dates.