Is it weird for a 17 year old guy to date a girl in her early 20s?

I'll be 17 this August, tbh I've never had a girlfriend but I did come to realize I was just looking in the wrong age group, my age. The girls my age where I live are immature, shallow, and only want good looks, money, drugs, alcohol and sex and I have ok looks but it's my money, I'm drug and alcohol free, and my body is not their toy. One of my friends who's 17 has a girlfriend who's 28 and he said I should try dating girls in their 20s. Is it weird for me to do that? Before you ask, yes I meant what I said about being uninterested in casual or first date sex.

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  • Some may find it weird depending on how big the age gap but as long as you don't do anything sexual with someone of that age group until you're 18 and so long as you're comfortable dating the person and they don't manipulate you or anything, I think it's fine. Anyway, if they did anything you wouldn't get in trouble anyways, THEY would.

    I can't really say much anyway - My boyfriend is 17, 18 in August and I'm 19, 20 in October.


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  • A 17 dating a 28 year old is a little young in my opinion, should be at least 18. Other than not really, you're friend is living every guys fanatsy Lol dating an older girl. But I don't foresee it going anywhere. However she is mature and experienced so obviously would benefit him too. She shall guide him to the ways he's never heard off. Older girls are picky however (as in not dating younger guys) for obvious reasons.

    • Like what?

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    • They're at different stages of life, he's not even left school yet. Can't pay rent for example, still doesn't have life experience, not in a position to settle down and have kids etc.

    • thanks for MHO.


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  • Too be honest most girls in their twenties will not date someone your age.

    • What makes you say that?

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    • @niceguy199 The age of consent where I live is 15 but like I said I'm not looking for sex at the moment

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