Do you ever lie on online dating?

I feel like I shouldn't say I want to hook up though i do
I also want a relationship and sometimes just to chat though I can get that on the forum.
I like sex have a high sex drive I also like companionship where I'm able comfortable being open in person not just anonymously or semi anonymously.
I assume most guys say they want to hook up Iv been told apparently girls get bombarded with messages, though Iv had replies to 3 out of the 4 messages I sent so far which is good though no one's messaged me :( other than on the forum to give me advice which was really nice :) but just in a being helpful kind of way and they were on the opposite side of the world anyway or near enough.
Also it all feels a bit like a CV.

should I tone down my openness to hooking up and try to be more relationship focused?


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  • Everyone fucking lies. Especially those who say they don't.


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  • Never. In fact, I've found that the more honest you are, the less the women there are interested. Kinda says a lot about them, huh?


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  • A bit, yeah.