Is this guy worth my time or should I stop contacting him?

I went on a great date with a guy two weeks ago. We connected straightaway and felt comfortable together. What was initially going to be a midday coffee, turned into dinner, then drinks and then I spent the night at his and we slept together. This was also the first time I'd slept with someone on the first date. I know some people will argue it was a mistake, but it was an impulse decision and neither of us regret it. Also judging from most people's attitudes and experiences on here to similar scenarios, it's not a dealbreaker.

Anyway, me and the guy have kept in touch but there's not been any mention of any future plans for a second date, which I believe is down to poor timing: he was away with friends the weekend after we met, and currently he's abroad for a week on business so I've not heard from him for several days, until last night, where he messaged me asking how my weekend was (I haven't replied). I really like this guy, and I know its poor timining with his busy schedule, but I'm beginning to doubt his interest and if anything will happen. I don't want to push for plans either, as that will only put preassure on him but I feel like I've been patient enough. I've mentioned to the guy I'm not looking for a fling.

Please help.


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  • I would try to set up another date or hang out to see what his feelings are about it. If he keeps being non committal then you know your answer, but I would at least talk to him and see if he is even interested in planning another hang out


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  • I think you should hang out with him once more in order to decide.