Can friends date?

do you think a boy and girls who are friends can become lover or date YES OR NO


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  • I think it depends on very many factors, how long they have known each other, how much they respect each other and whether they share interests together. Dating is not necessarily to do with love or expressing sexual desire. Sometimes love will grow because people are simply together more, as on, say, an expedition or a corporate training exercise ... when people who get on as co-workers suddenly find they get on a whole lot more because there is a longer time for conversation to get more intimate.

    In some areas of society people can find it hard to believe men and women can just be friends, I am sure this has lead to many missed opportunities. I date women who are my friends to go to art exhibitions, the theatre and so on but there is disbelief when I say it has not led to anything further - all people are different and although we live in an age when we are told independence thought is good - so many hang with the majority opinion!

    I have to say I prefer not to be told to give yes or no as an answer ... too many grey areas in relationships or dating - if I am asked if I like coffee or not I can answer yes or no. This question asks me "Do I think ..." which demands I share my thoughts so as to qualify an answer. Yes I am aware that I could just not answer the question at all but many look at the questions to get answers for themselves not just the questioner.


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  • totally.

    • What would the relationship be like.would it be akward?

    • Not. at. all. in most cases, better than if you weren't already friends, because you already know about each other and have respect for each other.

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  • Of course! I mean, you two already know each other fairly well I assume, so it makes dating that much easier.