Do you hate when your boyfriend or girlfriend does not listen too you?

So told my girlfriend yday ill be in her town to see her at 10:30 since were suppsused to hang out for the 4th of July. So i called her today and she like what? why are you here? am not coming am suppsed to have breakfast with my family today in which for them their 4th if July was yday. So she said she will come see me after they eat before work... so now am sitting here feeling like a creep and like this women never listens too me. If i said i was coming why in the hell would you take it as a joke? no joke am about to go home and dont see the point in dating someone that does not listen too what u say.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Wow, rude much? Even if she wasn't listening, she didn't need to respond like that... you should've just left.

  • Your girlfriend sounds sort of ungrateful. I mean, you came to her town and she declined to see you? She should have made some time to meet up with you, come on!


What Guys Said 1

  • well... don't be childish, scold her once or just let her know... or give her a silent treatment. things woluld work out

    • I told her how i felt lol just wanted too see who else been through this