If a guy you have been seeing stops text/calling you all of a sudden, even though he usually does first, what goes on through your mind, personally?

We're both getting old and we're both looking for something serious. We've seen each other 25 times for the past couple months. Would you take this as he lost interest in you?

If I let this go on and on (not contacting), and she never contacts me back, is it safe to assume that we were never going anywhere to begin with? I wonder, whether she just sees me because she has been feeling lonely, or if she actually likes me.

Do you think I shouldn't go through with this, if I really like her? By the way, I do. I need a lot more advice than this, so if I can ask your opinion on some other things, let me know if I can message you as well.


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  • I would wonder wtf. And I would think you're no longer interested and I wouldn't want to be a clingy stalker so I would not contact you. If I really liked you I'd be very sad too.

    Why don't you just contact her if you like her? Don't play dumb games.

    • Well, think about it from my point of view. I feel like lately I'm always the one contacting her first to go out together. I feel like if I am the only one making the effort, maybe this is a one-sided relationship. And, like you said, I don't want to be a clingy stalker if she doesn't even like me.

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  • wtf? if you like her why would you play games with her? just ask her if she likes and why she likes spending time with you. Personally, when a guy doesn't contact me for a long time I'm usually too proud to make contact. I will try once or twice, but if he continues to play games, I will completely cut him out, even though it would hurt like hell.

    • It's not my intention to play games, I am just starting to get the feeling that if I never contacted her first most of the time, then we would never even meet. Or maybe, it is her that is playing the game.

      In all honesty though, wouldn't you feel like crap if you felt like you were the only one that was making an effort to see one another? (From either side the man or the woman)

    • I have been through that. yeah it did feel crap... On top of that, I believe it's even worse when a girl is making all the effort. But it can be equally painful from a guy's POV.
      Sorry that she's doing that to you, you need to confront her about it and if she continues to do this I'd leave and never look back. Having been in a similar situation for 8 months, I would never allow anyone to take me for granted ever again! You shouldn't either.

  • Just tell her how you feel.

  • You sureee she hasn't contacted you? Be honest

    • Well, yeah maybe a few times.

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    • That changes things, doesn't it?

    • I think I'm just going to go through with not contacting her first today and see if she even attempts to.. I haven't seen any good reason on here yet for me to keep feeling like I'm being clingy and needy. Guys don't like feeling clingy/needy just as much as girls don't (normal ones at least?)