Why did she friend zone me?

there is this girl that works at this coffee shop i go to every once in a while she started talking to me today, she asked me if i had a hangover and then she started asking me questions about my shoes, i wasn't really in the mood to talk at all but she kept talking to me when i was waiting for my drink, she showed me this pair of sunglasses i guess they had and she asked if i wanted them, i said no but she insisted, then she says "you remind me of my brother, he's tall and kind of chill like you" in my mind I'm thinking, if your going to friend zone me, why would you keep going out of your way to talk to me etc. The funny thing is I wasn't even into this girl but it did annoy my how she friend zoned me, why did she do this?


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What Girls Said 2

  • She goes out of her way to talk to you because it's a normal thing to talk to friends and people you like? And also I don't see anything in that situation that says you've been friend zoned but eh.

  • I think you're overthinking the whole situation. She was just making conversation.


What Guys Said 1

  • Because she doesn't think you're hot, but you may be a good source of free stuff. That's why guys end up in the Friend Zone.

    • Some girls are really gold diggers. Thats why I don't pay their bills. Everyone will pay their own bills.