Should I wait for her to initiate first?

I'm i the process of courting her. She said she is starting to develop feelings for me. We went to a theme park last week and it was fun. We both enjoyed. But everytime I chat her on text or facebook she often does not reply or just seen zoned. When I call her she answers the phone and talk to me well. I just don't get it. Haven't texted her since Sunday. Thoughts?


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  • If she wanted you as much as you want her, she would have initiated more.


What Guys Said 2

  • I would forget about her. If she wants me, she'd put some effort into having me. If I'm the one doing everything, then that'd give me the impression that she's not interested.
    So if I were you, I wouldn't text her anymore, and if she wants you, then she'll go for you.
    Move on to another girl.

  • She's not a texter.

    • Why? I mean it's easy to text.

    • It's hard to convey emotion through means of text, and maybe it's just hard for her to stay focused on the text, maybe she'll send one and get lost in something else, setting her phone down. I do it all the time.