Why do guys say they are looking for 'the one'?

I dated a guy briefly. He came on strong and fast, declared love very quickly and totally made me believe I was special.
After he dumped me via text I began reflecting on things,
One thing that sticks in my mind is the use of the phrase looking for the one.
He had introduced me to his 16 yr old son and after meeting him I'd asked him if he was ok with him seeing me, I was surprised that he said he son had said "maybe she's the one dad". I don't believe that were true as I have a son of similar age. Why would this guy tell such a silly white lie? He also liked to play the victim, had been cheated on by exs and his sons mother had taken away his son who he'd fought in court for for a every other weekend relationship yet this guy lived with this lady and owned a house with her. He has way too many fb contact ie 1600 or so and likes to be Mr popular.
does this seem a shallow person?

Not currently lived with but had at the time of her refusing him contact.


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  • whats it matter? really if your done then your done. dont waste time picking over the bones. chalk it up and move on.


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  • I think you're thinking way too much about this, especially since you've already broken up. A few things, I have over 1,600 friends on FB but I rarely talk to them all. Number of social media friends means nothing aside from clicking a button.

    A 16 year old is old enough to understand dating, and if anything a son would be encouraging of his father finding a woman to spend his life with, so his son could have said something like that because maybe he liked you, maybe he wanted to give his dad a confidence boost, for a multitude of reasons, so I think it's a bit assuming for you to think he just made that up.


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  • Is the question asked in general or about this particular guy?


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  • How are you certain he was lying about his son saying that?