Where can I find a relationship with a foreign woman (read description please)?

I am an Englishman looking for a foreign woman to be my girlfriend and specifically interested in places like Europe, Russia and South America. Places like England, Australia, New Zealand, U. S and Canada am not interested in meeting women for commitment or long term relationship from those areas.

Now I haven't got a lot of money to travel to these countries (listed above) at the moment to either live there temporary and try to meet those women. So is there any easy way I can meet and build a relationship with a foreign woman from my own country like online or certain places I could visit etc


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  • Do you mind me asking why you'd like this type of relationship, especially if it's not serious or committed, nor can you travel to see them? I doubt you can get into a real relationship without meeting the person but you can always meet people online and develop something there. Though I promise you they'll want to meet eventually.

    • I want a foreign woman because they more traditional which I find attractive but in countries where I live, women are brainwashed by feminism. I want a traditional women who appreciate a good caring provider. I know many men and friends also who are choosing this route and they advise me that these women are more laid back, domesticated, ladylike, trust worthy, submissive and play less mind games.

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    • Ok well before you go could you tell us where I can meet women from Europe?

    • It's the same as any other country. Online, bars, clubs, etc.

  • Try to go in tourist place and flirt with them. You should try France, Spain and Italy for the kind of relationship you want i think they would be better for what you search


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  • Dating sites. Travel countries