Girls, Please, how do I get over fear of asking a girl out? And is it best to try not to dwell on them too much especially if think of them too much?

I just met a girl that I really like. I only have her social media as contact. It's been about 4 days since I saw her. I know other guys liked her too, but i dont want to miss out. How should i ask her? I don't have much experience asking out girls, especially at my age, it seems harder and scarier, yes I get terrified of the fear of rejection, probably because I never had a girlfriend. Is that going to hurt me going forward? I really don't want to mess this one up. Thanks so much.


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  • Just ask. Worst she can say is no. Then you will know either way. The only way to get over a fear of being rejected is to start getting rejected. I think you'll be surprised at how well it goes. The majority of women when asked out in a nice respectful way will respond the same way even if they aren't interested. You can do it!

    • What's a good way to ask her out for first time?

    • If there is something you both like doing ask her to do that. If not ask her to get coffee, or drinks with you.

  • Don't be scared. There's a chance she might reject you. If she rejects you, at least you will know that she's not interested and you can move on with you life. But she might say yes, but you won't know unless you ask! Try to get to know her a little better first and then just do it!

  • Ask her to hang out on social media

    • Just as simple as that? Like friends?

    • No, not as friends. As more

    • Yeah but that's what scares me is what if she says no can't? Should I keep asking