What are good apps or good places to meeting a male that actually want a relationship?

I must have fallen asleep and woke up in an era where dating has changed... now there's apps and barely anyone have conversations in public anymore that might lead to a number swap..

I must be crazy rusty. But are there any great apps or places where I could find a guy who actually wants a relationship... NOT a hookup?


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  • I think your first problem is in trying to find a guy who wants a relationship and not a hookup. Those are hard enough with or without an ap.

    The change since you were sleeping, is that women have decided they also want to hook up. When I was dating 25 years ago, it was really hard to get a woman into bed. I had to work at it, and even then, it seemed like it was mostly Asian women who were easy (because they were ignored by most guys). Now, women are soooo easy to have sex. Many expect to have sex if they go on a first date. It is a dog's heaven.

    What you see in men is merely the reflection of women. If men seem like they only want to hook up, that is because so many women are willing to just hook up. Why would a guy date you if you are going to hold out, if some other woman will gladly have sex with him within a couple hours of meeting?

    You might try eharmony or Christian singles or something along those lines.


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  • Whether you meet a guy on an app or in person at s bar etc, you just have to spend more time talking to understand what they really want.


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  • Where you meet us has no bearing on whether we want a relationship or not. Men want relationships with women that are worth it, regardless of where we meet them.

    Obviously, if you meet men from Tinder, then you'll have a harder time showing that you're worth a relationship with, but you get it.


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  • You could try Plenty of Fish. However, most people online are typically looking for hook-ups.