Does it sound like I did the right thing letting this guy go?

So recently I met this wonderful guy at my college. I've never had a boyfriend before and he's the first guy to actually treat me well. He takes me out on dates, pays, holds me, kisses me, always texts me, and he's just so cute and I love who he is as a person.
Before I met him I was talking to this security guard at my college who is 22 years older than me.. I was always really physically attracted to him but he even told me that he would never date me and it was all just for fun... Hanging out. I never had sex with him but today he called me and I told him that I met someone and I just ended it there.
I'm a much happier person with my boyfriend and I want to be fair to him and loyal


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  • Yes for your long term happiness I feel you did the right thing


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  • It seems like it to me. You're happier. Don't worry about the security guard because he's not interested in what you are. Call him back if you want to continue hanging out. There's so many guys, so just do what you want, but your relationship now seems wonderful!!