How do I get out of the friend zone?

So I'm rlly liking one of my best guy friends at work. Me him and my other best guy friend r all rlly close friends. Everyone at work says me and him would make a cute couple without me telling anyone I liked him. I think I may have ruined it cuz when we first started hanging out I said I liked him as a bro half a year ago cuz I was still getting through a break up. Dnt kno what to do about the situation I am hoping my other friend wouldn't get pissed and lose a friend and not sure how to hint I like him more than just a friend.


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  • What if you two end up being in a relationship and later on down the road, you two have complications? It could possibly effect the dynamic with everyone in the circle. If you two seem to hit it off at a lot of things, then maybe tell him that you're starting to see him in a different way. You're always gonna like him if you don't express how you feel. But just consider that there's a possibility that you could end up together; you could possibly not work out at all down the road; or you could possibly be rejected because maybe he might not feel the same. But you gotta at least let him know

    • Ya that's ya I'm nervous to tell him.

    • You're gonna have to do it eventually or you're gonna find yourself feeling in pain seeing him date other people. Maybe it might be a little awkward if he doesn't feel the same, but eventually you'll both find someone and move on. But that's IF he doesn't feel the same about you.

    • Thanks!!

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  • Are you attractive? If you are, odds are they want to bone you as well.


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    There is no magic way to let someone know by a hint that you like them. If they are shy and already think you are just a friend it will stay that way. Even if you hug him, say you love him and all that he will just think that you mean you like him in a friend sort of way. The only way to get out of the frienzone is to suck it up and tell him straight up that you are attracted to him and want to try a relationship when he cannot interpret it any other way.

    • Ya I'm just worried if he doesn't feel that way it'll hurt our friendship.

    • Of course it could. If he was interested in you he would think the exact same thing. That is what the friend zone is and why people can't get out of it. You just have to decide if you want to leave him as just a friend and move on or take the risk and try and peruse a relationship with him.

  • Why would you hint... Grow some lady balls and ask him out.


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