I miss texting her....foolishly?

I really miss texting/talking with a girl I used to text/talk to. Really miss it.

It's been a while and I've been thinking whether to text her or not, wondering if maybe she's just waiting for me to text her to get the ball rolling again.

On the other hand, she knows I like her and if she liked me back, she would be with me by now. I fear that if I'd text her all the connection we had before has been lost, that there's nothing there anyway. It can't be healthy to put stock into a text from a girl you know doesn't like you.

Well, the last ever text I sent her was actually a pretty funny/teasing thing. I just stopped texting her because she stopped hanging out.


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  • please text her! girls are always told "if a guy really liked you, he would call" (or text, basically make the first move). so we think that if we text first that makes us seem clingy. I'm in that position right now, I'm waiting for the guy I've been dating to say something to me because I think that if he still liked me, he would... I would hate for it to just be a misunderstanding! but yes, do text her. if she doesn't respond after a few attempts, then she's not interested. but at least try.


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  • I am a woman and you should text her. I think most woman want the man to take the lead. If you have stopped texting than maybe she thinks you don't like her. Or maybe she needed time to figure out how she feels after your last text. A girl will tell you if she doesn't like you. My advice text her and see what happens what do you have to lose? TEXT HER. Good Luck!

    • If she needed time to figure out how she feels after my last text, she's gotten in it, since it's been more than a month and I've heard nothing from her. I think that pretty much indicates how she feels then.

  • well don't stop txting her! if you stop and she stops than that might b the end of your relashonship/friendship! if she doesent hang out txt her ask her about her day and stuff...then you could make plans to hang...

  • just text her and say hey how are you doing and if she don't text you back in 60 seconds, it's time to move on.


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  • If you do "really miss texting/talking" to someone that doesn't reply to you, the only way to reestablish that is to send her a text or phone call.. hell even meet with her in person. You'll never have the opportunity if you don't try.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Well, we used to hang out a little, then she got "busy" with her other things and pretty much decided I wasn't worth the time of day to her so she never "worked" with me, so to speak, by giving me the days she was open. I'd love to meet her in person again but, as you can see by my past experience, I doubt she'll ever give me the time of day again.

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    • Makes sense. One more thing that's getting me: On this site, I see lot of questions with this similar type of situation and if you look at the girls responses/questions, you see that they have all this stuff swirling in their heads. I can't help wonder if that's what this girl is doing. I can't shake the doubts.

    • She is, but don't worry yourself with it. Women have to be naturally more protective of themselves than men. If you don't believe that, check out the "fake profile experiment" at this link: