I took this girl out Friday - keep reading.....

i took her out Friday this is the first time we meet and go out too so I took her home and said we should do it again this girl is amazing and I would like to continue to go out so I ask her when can I taker her out to eat and she said "lol I don't know" that's was Saturday Sunday I texted her saying that she never gave me a answer but never got nothing back so now I don't know what to do I like her but is like I'm stuck I mean doesn't she kind of like me she said yes on the first date that we plan for a week in advance so what can I do


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  • honestly it doesn't sound like she's interested, sorry. sure you went on a date but maybe she realized she just wasn't that into you, one date doesn't mean anything. and trust me, she would write back if she was interested. she'll get annoyed if you keep texting so just move on...


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  • i say keep her in mind but at the same time move on. If someone is interested they will make the moves necessary to let you know...you took the first step and asked her out again..now its her turn to either say yes or no. make other plans and make other dates, and if she responds then good..if not..well then you didn't count anyone out so you still have options

  • Calm down man!

    Just because you've gone out together once doesn't make anything official. Don't call her anymore. I don't think she sounds too interested. Because when I went out with a guy one day who liked me and he kept asking to see me again I never replied to texts, etc. so maybe she's doing the same to you, I don't know. But don't text her all the time, wait until she texts you and if she doesn't text you maybe call her? Or get the message and move on.

  • She's just not that into you. move on! (sorry to be harsh)


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  • Stop trying to understand / ask / interpret / talk / etc about if she likes you or not, that will chase away women.

    START ::

    - Inviting her places

    - Laughing with her

    - Having a life other than her ( "Be busy to an extent" )

    - Tease her... Flirt with her... Banter with her... etc

    - Give her a reason to like you more than a friend

    - Break the "touch barrier" to pull yourself out of a potential friend zone


    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • Read your question, you sound like a pushover. Stop.

    After that, just interract with her and have a life. Groveling to her feet is annoying to both you and her. Fill your time with whatever you can.

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    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I agree just don't call her no more man just move on if she want you she will call you just move on if she see you with another female and not with her she gone come to you females like what they can't have

  • Panic. Curl into a ball, lie on the floor. Or you could just call her, you know skip the texting middle man, and ask directly.

    Of course I'll keep your corner warm for you should you decide that the fetal position is better.