Why would this guy say he'd be interested to go out with me, but now he is ignoring me? Please read details & help a chick out?

he's 26; I'm 22. We matched on tinder a few weeks ago. The only reason I swiped on him was bc I had known of him through mutual friends and always thought he seemed super cool despite never having met him (and he didn't know I existed before). His pictures aren't eye catching, he seems kinda different, reserved, and isn't like the typical tinder guy. He's quiet, small guy, & messy-like... unkept hair and clothes, but like I said I dig his vibe. Also, guys are very attracted to me, I usually can get any guy bc I have a pretty face and I am nice. Im just stating it since I do not have pictures to show you.

He deleted his tinder account before our convo got anywhere. I found him on fb and friended him. He accepted. I noticed he has no girl action at all on fb. His friends are even mostly guys. He kinda looks like a dirty hippie in his picture. I really don't think he's used to girl attention except his last girlfriend a few years ago.

Monday night I asked him out, in a message straight up, and he responded "yes definitely!" He apologized and said his phone broke and his tinder was deleted. And then right away asked what I would like to do, he is off work Thursday and Friday, and that he doesn't own a car and noticed I live about a half hour away & asked if I drive. I responded that I do drive, no problem and asked if he knew of any cool places by where he lived he'd like to meet. He never responded. Yesterday I sent him another message that I could also pick him up if that's easier instead of meeting somewhere. Again, no response. It does not show as read but it shows he has been online. So he knows it's there. Today was Thursday and I didn't hear anything from him. He's in a band and may be super busy, but couldn't he have said something? Will he ever get back to me? Do I need to just play it cool and he'll come around? I mean why would he say yes definitely and then ignore me now? I don't get it.


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  • He changed his mind/he was too nervous to finally meet you.


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  • Sounds like he's just playing you


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