I don't know why this first date was so weird for me, but it was?

So my friend had me go over to her party last week to meet one of her guy friends she works with. She had showed him a picture of me & He said I was cute. The party went okay & he had told her I was attractive & seemed pretty cool. So last night we had a double date bowling/arcade & milkshakes after. He was dressed nice and payed for everyone's bowling (he owed her money). It was fun, but kind of weird. He kept leaving to talk to his other friends that were there randomly. I asked questions about him but there were no efforts from him. There was some physical contact but not even a hug hello or goodbye? Even my friend said it was weird. Was he nervous or just not into it at all? I felt like some parts were really good like he tried to prove himself with the claw game & stuff, but a lot of things have me wondering. Also my friend gave him my number 5 days ago & nothing. Though I had said I didn't want to be too forward. Opinions?


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  • maybe you just find a lot of stuff weird.. there's nothing weird about it


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  • If he hasn't contacted you or planned another date by now, I suspect he won't. A good date to me ends with a kiss and making some kind of future plans. If you feel you can risk the chance of rejection, just ask him. It seems like the current trend is to not actively reject someone, but to just drift away silently. If he couldn't give you his whole attention on a first date, you definitly deserve someone into you.

    • Thanks for your opinion. I'll be seeing him a lot more when I go to my friends place so I will just wait it out. If he's not I retested its not the end of the world:) thanks again