there's a guy at my workplace that I've been in a relationship with. But he told me that I didn't know him well enough?

He said before we got together again I should know him better. He told me all about himself, how he wasn't a good guy and all his bad points. After that we didn't talk for a while. Its been 2 mths. We are awkward around each other ever since he messaged me all of that. I tried forgetting him but I still can't. I don't know if he still wants to be with me because he said he was scared he would mistreat me like his past girlfriends. Honestly I really don't mind his bad points, if I minded I wouldn't have been with him. Can someone tell me what I should do? Should I message him or something because we haven't messaged one another for 2 mths even though I see him once every week at work because I'm a part time worker. Even at work he is awkward and I feel he tries to avoid me. Only when I talk to him for work stuff then he would talk a bit. But he wouldn't start a conversation with me or disturb me anymore. Around others he's the confident and noisy type but around me he's just different


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  • You should find out who he really is... he could be serial killer


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  • Doesn't sound like it is worth the trouble.