I don't know what to do about my boyfriend?

We've been together for almost a year now and the relationship is making me sad in general. It's my first relationship and I feel like I've put in so much while he hasn't. I've taken him out for lunch, movies, I cook and clean for him and whenever he needs a ride I'll help. He promised to take me out for dinner months ago and it still hasn't happened. At this point I would be ecstatic even if it were a smoothie from McDonalds'. For Christmas, Valentine's, my birthday I got nothing and I'd have been happy with a card. He goes partying on the weekends and calls me the next day saying that he's hungover. He's met my friends but I've never met his and it bothers me because I feel like they think he's single so then I get worried about him going partying. He's a few years younger and I'm at the point in life where I don't want to be someone's temporary girl. What's the best way of asking him if he's serious or if his friends know he's in a relationship? I don't want to seem like all of a sudden I'm pestering him but my self esteem is going even lower and I feel depressed over this whole thing.


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  • My lawd.. pestering him? Girl you have every right to be extremely pissed at him. He doesn't care about you at all. Leave this jerk before he drags you down any lower. You deserve better!!


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  • I think you should reconsider the entire relationships. It's clear that you're trying more than he does.