What do you wear on a casual dinner/movie date?

I'm going on a casual dinner/movie date. I don't want to wear something too fancy and look out of place but I don't want to wear jeans and a T-shirt and looked under dressed. I garuntee my date is going to wear jeans and a T-shirt but because we are actually going out I want to look good not just like a plain Jane like I could on any day. I want to look cute but casual since we are going to dinner then a movie. I wasn't sure wearing a dress or skirt to the movies was appropriate but I knew that it would be acceptable to wear a dress or skirt to dinner so I'm not quite sure what to wear. I've gone and done stuff with this guy before but it usually involved his kid and mine so I always wore just jeans and whatever shirt but this time because we finally are going on a date just the two of us I want to look extra cute if you know what I mean but not over do it because its not just dinner but then its also a movie. We are going to the cheesecake factory if that helps and not sure what movie we are seeing yet. Anyway I just don't want to over dress and not match his fashion since or lack their of lol but not under dress either because it is a date and I want to look super cute for him.


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  • Jeans and a nice shirt


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  • Wear a cute short skirt and semi-formal top and you're good to go ^_^

  • A pair of nice Capri pants and a top that's not overly dressy but not a tee. I wouldn't wear a dress if your going to the movies;)