Guys, who should text first and when?

So I've been talking to this guy for a month and a half and he made the fist move and I was kind of distant because I was scared, long story short, he texted first quite a few times, I did some too, but he didn't text for a week and we didn't see each other in the gym (where we met), so I texted him and he said it was on me to make ir clear that I am interested, too, so I made a few moves and contacted him a few times but I don't know do I seem overly interested if I do it all the time?

I did make the first move after but we haven't talked for a few days and I don't know shoud I do it for the third time or I am just bothering him?


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  • Its time for you women to make the first move now. Men have been doing it since beginning of time


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  • You are fine. He told you to be clear if you're interested. Did you do that?

    • I did, I said I feel the same way and he said that he does too and that he made it clear and that it's now my turn to show it..

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    • I mean I'm not sure what else he wants from you that's the thing.

    • You could just as him out lol or kiss him even


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  • You should text first right now.


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  • Nope but make sure if your going to text him first that you have something to ask or say instead of just saying hey but an actual question or statement