Doe guys really mean this or do they just say it to not sound too into it?

so yesturday my boyfriend and i talked last night about some future stuff, and how he wants to have sex with me.. well he haven't in a long while, and since we couldn't hang out this weekend cause he didn't want me over cause his dad is doing some game night, we decided to sleep over next weekend. We kept talking and he was like " please tell me this is more than sex?" I said yes of course our relationship is more than sex, its a bonus for sure. I know he hasn't had it in awhile, but do guys actually mean to want a relationship more than sex, and actually mean he loves me, not just for it. Which is perfect so not complaining, just wondering if guys can say he wants this relationship to actually mean something rather than just sex, or he just trying not sound that he too into sex, but doesn't want to say anything?


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  • I'm not sure about all guys, but for me. I love sex, I crave it... however, if my relationship is only around that with minimal love then yeah I'll get bored. If I said "please tell me this more than sex?" I would be dead serious, cause at that point I'm looking for sonething more, like you said sex is a bonus. A relationship with more than is even better, at least for me.

    Now, to answer your question, It's kind of hard to say OP because you know this guy better than all of us, you know his moods, if he's lying, his actions, etc. If he was talking to you about it yesterday night then he might have been a little horny, who knows or maybe it works both ways. Meaning yes, he really meant it, but at the same time doesn't want to come off as being too much into it. You can do that haha. Feel free to ask anything else. Maybe I can explain a little bit more.

    • lol he was a little horny last night when we were talking, but like at the same time i was like well we can do it some other time if it not this coming weekend. and he kinda got a little defensive about it saying " we dont have to do it you know" and i was like yeah i know but dont you want it since its been awhile, lol and thats when he said " hope this relationship more than that," and i said yes of course, so im some way i do think he really meant it, and not really lying.

    • Hm, that seems a little odd to get defensive, maybe it was a test sort of. If that is the case, then yeah he probably meant it "jokingly" but pretty serious.

  • It depends on the guy


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  • "but do guys actually mean to want a relationship more than sex"
    That's the plan.
    But there are guys who fake entire relationships in order to always have someone available in the bedroom.