Why are people devaluing great people but valuing crappy ones?

not sure if this is a parallel universe or what is going on. One thing i seem to realize with bother genders, is that a person who is a good person honest loyal great is always abused used devalued or treated like crap- whether its a girl or a guy. People who are beautiful or amazing, are treated lower than dirt, while people who are average cheaters liars crappy dishonest or bipolar are treated really well. I go on dates with men who complain they can't even get a date online! Women play games with them- no one meets up with them, women treat them like crap, are racist, rude etc. Yet here i am--stunningly beautiful--really down to earth, super cool not judgmental, laid back nice sweet smart, sitting here on a date with them, and theyre not trying to impress me, be nice to me, treat me well- most of the time they either treat me like crap, are rude to me, weird, or end the date fast. Wait a second here- you can't even get a date, and you meet a super pretty female who is so nice to you and you treat her like crap? seriously.. wtf is going on here? some of these people watch me eat my food like im a weirdo. Make me feel guilty for even eating. Make me feel awkward. I'm the one who has to be nice to them, entertain them. These same men if they met any other woman would treat her with respect even if she was a total b*tch. Many make me feel weird or try to put me down.. i met a man once- an old man, who was bragging about how he got women at the gym. I think he was 70- skinny as hell, wrinkled. HUH? he's GETTING WOMEN at the gym? im a hot woman and I dont get anyone at the gym? Why are ugly old people bragging about getting women, but beautiful women not bragging about gettign men... wtf is going on here? it seems like ugly creepy weird people can get anyone they want are treated well, but good people aren't? every psycho guy i know or girl can get anyone they want-- but every good person i know gets rejected and abused.


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  • I think it is a Zen challenge, to those of us with integrity, sympathy, and good values!!
    All these people are there to challenge our own personal beliefs, to see if we give in, and submit, and become them, or maintain our beliefs, values and integrity, and move on toward 'Enlightenment'.
    Read about the Dali Lama, and things he has said, and know that holding true to your values and integrity will always be the best course!

    • oh really... that makes a lot of sense- I mean, it does. Or that is true in many cases for sure. I just don't understand why people with morals integrity values or who have great qualities are being treated so badly these days, while people who possess none of those qualities are treated well or valued.. its really backwards

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    • Cool!! Chat in a moment!!

    • *talks about morals, talks crap on random strangers and blocks them because she knows she can't handle fighting back*

      Please never talk about morals, read your updates and you'll know why.

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  • God knows I wish I knew the answer to this. I ask myself all the time; I've seen it and experienced it myself. It's like decent people always get the short end of things while the dishonest, liars, cheaters, and just all around shitty people seem to get pretty much rewarded for their behavior. The best explanation I've gotten is that it's because they're the ones willing to do "what it takes" to get what they want. I don't know.

    • that's true- i think it's because a lot of times, the dishonest people are the ones on top, and they tend to help out 'their own kind'- there is a lot of evil in this world and people who are on the end will generally tend to favor those like themselves, while the good are kept down b/c the majority are bad or evil, and will only help out their own kind. And those predatory types feel that those like themselves are the ones who are the fittest to survive. They help and support each other.

      Maybe that's why all those jerks end up devaluing the good people- because they're on that side and want to stick to people like themselves.. they see those who are genuine or nice, and get that, theyre not like them, also they won't really fight back most of the time, b/c they're nice.


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  • I know this is written out of bitterness but calling yourself stunningly beautiful and basically an amazing person is a turn off. I do agree a lot of people put up with the other person in the relationship treating them like absolute shit. It's kind of their partner who treats the other one well or like shit. Depends how they're wired, if they're aware of someone being a complete dick, or if they think aspects of it are attractive.

    "Yet here i am--stunningly beautiful--really down to earth, super cool not judgmental, laid back nice sweet smart, sitting here on a date with them"

    Judging yourself in all these categories isn't that accurate, things are subjective. For example some guys have seen some kind of Jersey Shore abomination from the depths of the sea with 5 pounds of makeup and the orange sheen of an Orangutans fur and I just do not agree. Someone may seem nice to people, someone may see through a guise, or even believe they see through a guise that doesn't exist. I know plenty of people who put up with very shitty girlfriends/boyfriends. I'll never understand why they think it's such a good idea, some people try to treat others like shit in the hopes they believe it and don't try to find someone better.

    Either way instead of worrying about some 70 year old man, for whatever reason...

    Think about if what you're saying is putting guys off, are you talking about yourself 90% of the time to entertain them or?

    If not I guess you're just unlucky and every date you have is with a dick.

    • Since you blocked my reply, Ill answer here (sorry opinion owner, I owe you one).

      You are acting like you are much better than people

      "Why are ugly old people bragging about getting women, but beautiful women not bragging about gettign men... wtf is going on here? it seems like ugly creepy weird people can get anyone they want are treated well, but good people aren't?"

      "Wait a second here- you can't even get a date, and you meet a super pretty female who is so nice to you and you treat her like crap?"

      But I'm the idiot huh hun? Sad when a "pitiful teenager" is smart enough to know when someone is being rude. You are so ugly on the inside you don't even recognize it. Now that's pitiful.

    • a turn off to who? im writing a question... am i trying to turn the people here on? what an asinine statement to make... i dont wear make up, or have a guise.. im not sure what you're talking about. I'm not putting guys off--im wondering why people who are amazing or great are being degraded while losers like a creepy 70 year old man are being 'approached' or are even arrogant by the way he's the arrogant one.. its like tlaking to a 12 year old no wait a 22 year old same thing

  • responding directly to the title... http://i. imgur. com/Fn1zsym. png

    And what's with that update.. Just ignore them and quit making a fuss. Or better yet, get off the internet because you'll meet these kinds of people everywhere.

    "super cool not judgmental, laid back nice sweet smart"
    You just proved yourself wrong with YOUR OWN update.

    • no i didn't prove myself wrong.. attacking people being jerks or trolls isn't not being cool... you're a moron... anyone has a right to attack insult and malign jerks who are harassing them. so you're suggesting people sit back and let morons insult them. You're unrealistic and stupid... get lost..

  • The gym is a weird place to hit on someone; I'll look at girls but never hit on them. Everyone is sweaty and also most of the hot girls are enlisted, which sucks

    • I can get everyones fear esp at the gym- it can be intimidating. I wish guys would hit on me at the gym or anywhere- but they never would. Everyone just stares or acts weird. I'm not sure how a wrinkled 70 year old who's short and thin is getting hit on anywhere.. that's just weird

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    • well its not just that- i go on dates with guys- who lose interest dont care
      i think guys today just don't care and play the field

    • What type of guys do you go for?

  • You're better than most women. Men are just treating you as if you are most women. Not our fault your gender is fucked. Maybe you women should have thought about that before you started supporting sluts and reproductive rights that include abortion.

    • you're right but it seems that men are treating me worse than they'd treat most women, who have less morals or decency--they treat those women much better- nicer to them, more respectful in general. I dont think women are sluts, i think there are women who cater to jerks and actually spoil them.. which has given a lot of guys this sense of false entitlement, which ruins it for the decent women out there who aren't going to cater to jerks

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    • You fail to grasp logic. I really can't help you. And now I don't care to. Enjoy being treated like shit.

    • what you're spewing isn't logic... just garbage and no im not going to agree with you juts because you're a narc and want me to. Im the one speaking logically- my posting is about people being jerks to nice people, not people being jerks in general. And nothing you're saying makes any sense.. enjoy to continue being an rude idiot

  • Because this planet doesn't like gods.

  • How would rate yourself?

    • Hey man pirating your post quick.

      You know getting incredibly mad and doing the equivalent of shrieking whatever thoughts pop into your mind is more sad and mildly funny than in any way hurtful haha. You've shown you're extremely bitter and immature, stop blaming the world for not wanting to put up with your attitude/personality. You don't seem to like to read and likely listen to people, just freak out throw fits. You talked shit to an 'ignorant and pitiful teenager' and then immediately blocked them so they couldn't say something likely much more intelligent in response. I can't imagine what goes through your head to make you think you're beautiful and have a good personality, you're more immature than a 16 year old!

      Have a nice time on fantasy island and please don't ever breed.

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  • u don't sound very down to earth or super cool and non judgmental or laid back or nice or even smart for that matter. Just sayin

    • in fact, you sound completely mental

    • oh yeah more negativity... take it somewhere else u pathetic troll, along with the other psychopaths here.. my postings always attract demons on gag...

  • The way you are talking about people makes you sound sort of crappy yourself, maybe you are just getting what's coming to you?

  • I think what it is , is you have a huge ego and are very self centered... that makes people not want to be around you. It's fine to have confidences, but right now how you're explaining yourself, you sound like a vain bitch. Just being honest.

  • I would really like to know this myself, but my bosses theory is that people see niceness as a sign of weakness. The nicer you are, the more they will try to step on you. If you're meaner to them, then I guess they tend to have more respect for you? It's weird.

    • i guess so- but why do they in general just seem to value average generic kind of people. Or people with flaws or serious issues. It's like the nice good person or great person is treated badly, while the bipolar mentally ill person is treated very well, despite causing hatred destruction. I've had dates be with me, treat me badly, but be so nice to the average girl who makes conversation with them... people are weird

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    • Well if you're going to be immature I guess I have to borrow someones reply, mybad.
      @ OP You claim you're very down to earth and basically a gift to human kind, that usually signals too into ones self = off putting attitude. You either didn't read, understand or angrily skimmed what I wrote. I would guess the common denominator in all of your cases is the culprit and less of the "whole world out to get me because I'm a gift from god angle". You're very immature and have a very shitty personality and likely go on about yourself in a rude manner that puts off anyone with a penis between their legs.

    • omg... shut up posted you low life... gag needs a better blocked on these postings its really sad.. there is no way of blocking you negative freaks..

      posted no one wants your sh*tty opinion.. you're a piece of sh*t.. you've made the clear.. once you've shown what a POS you are... and have nothing to contribute u piece of crap.. you get blocked... thats not a good enough reason you twisted fuker.. now u want to keep fighting... get lost... you're not wanted on my posting.. find someone else to harass you psychopath..

      no the common denominator are all the screwed up sociopaths like you on this planet around... many humans out there have to endure you pitiful rejects... scram fuker.. shoooo

  • This is our society