What is the best way to ask parents about giving your LDR girlfriend a promise ring?

My boyfriend has told me he's purchased a promise ring that he's hoping to give me on his visit. However, he is hoping to discuss it with my parents beforehand, as it'll be his first visit to my country. We've known each other for quite a while and "officially" have been dating for six months. I guess you could say we're both fairly traditional and he feels that the ring will just show his commitment to me during the time we live apart. The reason for asking my parents is that he feels it would be disrespectful to them to suddenly give me a ring while staying under their roof without any kind of explanation as to it's purpose. He also wants to make it clear that he has no intention of getting engaged/married any time soon; but that he values our relationship and wants to date me with the intention of marriage eventually. The difficult thing is we obviously don't know how they react, but I suggested that he talk to both of them about it in private, and that if they feel that it is too early for a promise ring, then we'll wait a while. I just value their opinion. Any thoughts on how to handle this? I know to some this is old fashioned; but I really want to hear some civil opinions, no discouragement please, I understand that not everybody does it this way. We are in a LDR though, so it's somewhat of a different situation.


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  • I can't see why your parents would have an issue with it. Firstly, like you said it's not an engagement ring.. He just wants to use it to symbolize your commitment to one another and I'm sure your parents should be happy that you're in a relationship with someone that is committed to you in that way. By asking them he's also showing them respect, which they should appreciate. Before he goes and asks them, I'd suggest you ask your parents what are their thoughts on him and explain to them how you can see him as someone you could spend your life with, if that's how you feel... That way when he does ask them he won't have to worry beforehand about whether or not they'll be happy about it.


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  • Just tell your parents exactly what you typed here.
    I doubt they are going to have a negative reaction over a promise ring.