Do you think she still likes me or if she ever did, and what should I do?

I like a girl so I get info from her friends and they say she says I'm amazing, I'm boyfriend material, and she cuddle with me all night. So I message her online because she has no phone and tell her how I'm feeling her and I want to talk to her. At the time her comp. Was broken(I didn't know) so I told her to disregard my message when she does see it. Like month passes and she has phone now so I get her number I start texting her and she always texts back but I ALWAYS text her first and the responses most of the time are pretty short. Also apparently she in her own words "sorta" has a boyfriend now. Do you think she still likes me or if she ever did, and what should I do? Should I forget about her? Please HELP id appreciate it.


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  • It seems like she did like you before, but because so much time has past and if you say she kinda has a boyfriend more then likely she doesn't like you as much as she did before. Or because she is dating someone else now she doesn't think its right to be flirting with you. So you should just wait and see where there relationship goes. In the mean while try and be her friend and be there for her when she needs you. If the relationship doesn't work out between her and the other guy then you can make your move, and she'll remember how you were there for her when she needed you, and appreciate how you still stood by her.


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  • I would say unless she actually showed signs of interest in you then I would forget about her. You can't always go simply off of what a girls friends say. It has to be a combination of her actions and their words. She doesn't seem to be exerting any effort into staying in touch with you so I would end it so you don't look desperate.

  • Some girls give bad advice about their friends because they don't want to hurt the sucks but it happens.

    I think youshould give hher some time with this "sorta" boyfriend. It's always worked out that I start liking guys that were sincerely interested in me... and its not like you made it obvious obvious in a desperate it will work out. GOOD LUCK.

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