Should I contact the girl that ghost out on me?

I spoke to and went on dates with this girl for a couple months. About 9 days ago she stopped responding to my text and my phone calls; I have not heard from her again. We had a lunch date about 10 days ago and everything was fine. Also, we texted each other 9 days ago and everything was fine. We never had an argument or a fight about anything. I know I liker her more than she likes me. So, she probably will not try to contact me. I was thinking of trying one last time to try to contact her. I was thinking of going to her house to talk to her and ask her what happen. Like I said, we never had a fight or anything.


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  • Screw her. She's playing games and you are too old to be playing games. She missed her chance.


What Guys Said 1

  • She's either not interested or is playing with you.
    I'd pass by her house on the way to somewhere to check in if she's ok, that she's not been hit by a car or something. Seeing that she's fine I'd get going to wherever I was going and tell her to give me a call if she feels like doing stuff together. Then I'd forget about her until she calls. Women hate needy guys, don't be needy.