Should I bring up the conversation again?

I have been dating this guy for 2 months we first met on a dating website called plenty of fish. After two months he still used it and had a tinder. I asked him about his pof he told me he still has it and "not to think to much of it". What does that mean? I feel I am being disrespected by this guy when he is doing these things. I have mentioned it to him before but I feel like I should bring it up again.


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  • Ok, sites like POF and tinder are for people looking for quick sex and loose relationships. If you want a meaningful relationship you need to look elsewhere.

    • So you think I should leave the guy im dating?

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    • Jeez, that doesn't sound very good.

    • He asked me if I wanted to delete it

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  • Are you and this guy officially in a relationship? Do you refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend? If so I personally would tell him if he hasn't removed both profiles then your done with him. He shouldn't still have them, to me that's so disrespectful, it's like he's keeping them just incase someone better comes along but you'll do for now. Erm... No I don't think so!

    However if your not in a relationship and you aren't offical then you can't really say anything about it. If your not boyfriend and girlfriend then he's free to do what he likes and has no ties to you.

    • We aren't boyfriend girlfriend but we are exclusively dating. He tells me that he isn't seeing/dating anyone else but i I can't believe him when he is on these sites and we are suppose to trust each other

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    • Sounds like a player. I'd avoid him to be honest. When I started talking to my husband he was the only person I was talking to but we never had that convosation. I've literally just asked him if he was talking to other girls and he said no he wasn't

    • So maybe I should tell him that I activated my account again since he is still on it. It only seems fair


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  • Have you guys talked about being exclusive? If not, I think that's a talk that needs to be had rather than about the app. If you are supposedly exclusive, then that is a conversation you NEED to have because he is not respecting you or your relationship. If he cannot give you a non-cryptic answer, then give him an ultimatum. You may really like him and care for him but you deserve to be with someone who will respect you.

    • He asked me if I wanted to delete the app... dumb me I said no because we weren't in a relationship

    • But he said he isn't talking/ dating anyone else and that he wanted the same from me

  • Well think you should define your relationship before asking him to take it down

    • What do you mean by define the relationship

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    • He says we are just dating but isn't seeing/dating anyone else

    • :s well that must be a lie hun as he wouldn't need dating sites if he wasn't looking elsewhere...