Five days since our second date and he keeps talking to me but hasn't asked me out again yet says he wants to go out again, help?

How fast should third date happen? If a second date was 5 days ago and the guy is talking to you regularly and said he wants to go out with you again but hasn't planned the date yet, what would you do? Don't want to push it but I feel like the guy should be fighting hard to see you, especially for a third date. I am goiny on a date with a second guy, but I'm debating about cutting the first guy out if he doesn't plan a date in the next few days. I'm getting resentful towards him anyhow for not planning a third date.

why would he Text me so much without planning another date? We only kissed and he seemed to really like me. He always messaging me how are you, we should do x or y together...

But im getting really pissed and starting to lose my attraction for him.

If he doesn't ask in a day or two I think I will start ignoring his messages. And then if he asks why I will say because you haven't planned a date and I'm not looking for a texting buddy.

He wanted to bring me to his best friend's birthday yesterday but I didn't wanna go


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  • While I'm all about tradition i can't help but laugh at people who have a specific protocol or just a thick skull.

    He feels he's beyond the formality of having to "ask you out on a date". ----- Instead of asking he suggests it in conversation.

    Thirdly you've stigmatized yourself with the philosophy that a guy should try hard... It's like you're standing there with your hand on your hip waiting to see how brave he is... But the problem is he's not fighting with anyone but the silly mind game you're forced to impose because he has no competition. This is why you rate multiple people at once, otherwise you people like you , who's desire is to be mario's princess after he bowser----- play these stupid fucking games.'

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    • I am traditional and I feel a man should ask. All my exes did it. He should at least be trying to see me once a week.

    • Well you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket then. Date multiple people and you'll have a date a week... And neither the energy nor desire to worry about the ones who don't ask.

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  • It doesn't matter how fast or slow. This is your date, you both make the time however you want to. I believe your just type that gets really impatient and expect to be on constant dates or to speed up the process of becoming official. But if you really feel that way, it's up to you to just end it. Your already said you feel resentful, and that is not a good sign. The relationship is not going to work if you already feel this way early on. However your impatience will cause problems in future relationships. I'm just giving you a fair warning and a heads up. That kind of attitude will make men not want to date you. Change the attitude, and you will begin to feel less insecure about dating him. Let him take his time or not bother at all if you don't want to ask him out. Guys are not meant to ask the girl out all the time. That is nothing new. Did you know that many successful marriages and relationship have always started by the WOMEN? This is done intentionally. So if you don't like it, don't date him. Sorry, but I'm stating the truth.


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  • Side chick zoned lmao

  • just be happy.. i met a girl 2 days ago and she's alrdy talkin bout what our kids would look like...


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  • Well since you are interested in another date, logic dictates you should join us on planet earth and ask him out.

    if he really likes you. you asking him out should not deter him. and if it does good o know he's not that into you so you can move on.

    Either way, problem solved.. And you get to feel good about your efforts instead of just waiting for his!


  • Sooooo ask him out...

  • Maybe he's expecting you to ask him out.