I have ZERO luck when it comes to getting girls?

Im a 21 year old black male and recently I met this white girl at my job who is 30 and has a 6 year old daughter at first I thought things were going pretty well between the two of us but recently I've noticed she has been ignoring my text messages and my phone calls all of a sudden. Now the way I kinda met this girl was kinda awkward. I actually met her on a site called craigslist and from there we interacted with each other and I was telling her how I couldn't get girls and stuff and that I was still a virgin. At first she told me she would be willing to have sex with me but it would only have to be at my place but I told her I couldn't do it at my place because I still live with my parents. So after that whole interaction we were still talking a little bit and she agreed to going out with me but she kept having these excuses as to why going out might be a problem. Then after all this interaction I text her and ask if we could chat on the phone for a awhile if she didn't mind and she igored my message so then I text her and tell her how I really felt as far as her ignoring me and she still ignored me. I really felt depressed about this and so I just deleted her number cause I feel like I got rejected. It seems like with every girl I try to talk to that im interested in I always get lead on and I always get rejected indirectly. I never had a girlfriend and im still a virgin I feel like there is no girl out here that will like me and accept me for who I am. I am a bit shy at times I don't really have a lot of friends and im kind of an introvert. Im in college and I work. I feel like all females have something against me and I just don't know what it is. Every girl I've ever liked never liked me back I feel like its because they think im ugly or unattractive. I feel like im just a nobody to women and I will never get a date or a girlfriend. The closest thing I've ever gotten from a girl is her number and that's it.


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  • You got my Facebook?

    I'm writing a story about a guy like that.

  • i am sad to here this. you might be attracted to the wrong type of women. But there eill aleays come someone who likes you. maybe travel somewhere else


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  • Lol you're not alone dude... haven't had a girlfriend yet and I'm 18... probably won't change anytime soon. I guess i can tell you that you should continue to be yourself and the right girl will come along